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What Makes a Great Photograph?

Curating What Makes a Great Photograph There are many ways to look at what makes a great photograph. Trying to be objective from such a subjective medium like photography is not as hard as it seems. A great photograph is an expression and representation of … [Read More...]

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The Philosophy of Photography

What is philosophy? What is art? Are they mutually exclusive or independent of each other? Is there a philosophy of photography? I don’t think any photographer would say their style and creative process is similar to someone else's, but well-respected … [Read More...]

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Ansel Adams: The Formative Years

Ansel Adams’ name is synonymous with photography, and his landscapes of the American West made him into a household name, not just one of the most iconic photographers of the 20th Century. The Nerd Writer, a guy named Evan Puschak is the host and narrator of … [Read More...]

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Parachut: A Netflix For Camera Equipment

There are many different rental solutions today for cameras, lenses, and gear but nothing I have come across is as quite as interesting as a new subscription service called Parachut. Parachut will be a monthly camera membership club that sends you new … [Read More...]

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Introducing SD 5.0: The Fastest SD Card Class Yet

The New "Video Speed Class" Rating The SD Association (SDA) just announced its newest and fastest SD card class specification today, SD 5.0, at the CP+2016 conference. The new specification and SD cards will be labeled and classified with the label “Video … [Read More...]

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See What Happens When Experts Use Photoshop 1.0

If you have never seen the first version of Photoshop — Photoshop 1.0 — in action, then this video by CreativeLive of Photoshop experts and professional photographers using the original software will make you glad you aren’t editing in the original program. … [Read More...]

The Best Way to Store Photos, (5D) nanostructured optical glass, Optoeletronics Research Centre (ORC),

What is The Best Way to Store Photos?

I often wonder about the life of photographs when file formats and containers change, computers degenerate and fail over time, external hard drives crash, and memory cards fail -- it makes me want to discover the best way to store photos so they're safe for … [Read More...]

10 Most Inspiring YouTube Photography Channels, infographic

10 Most Inspiring YouTube Photography Channels

Sometimes when looking for inspiration, I search YouTube to find great photography channels. There are literally thousands of videos on YouTube dedicated to photography, such as how-to’s and tutorials on Photoshop to exposure basics, and tons of other tips, … [Read More...]

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Top 10 Best Travel Cameras of 2016

When I think of having a camera to take everywhere, my iPhone is my first thought, but I realize as a photographer I really want one of the best travel cameras instead. How many times have you been out and about and you see something that you wish you had a … [Read More...]